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The solid base
The PLAZET data base forms the base for all calculations following. In this context regression data is only one possibility to create a time component.

Is your data presented in the form of external tables?
PLAZET can directly access external data bases and spreadsheets.

Do you need to define a complicated formula with conditions?
The script interpreter provides unexpected possibilities. Amongst others the combination of various (regression-)formulas.

Do you want to create an MTM analysis?
Simply make use of the embedded data cards and your analysis is finished within a few mouse clicks.

Safety for planning and controlling
The central PLAZET data base enables you to seamless embed and integrate all data sources. Externally the calculation presents itself standardized and adapted to the use case, meanwhile the proper plan time source is accessed automatically in the background – exactly as you defined before. Plan times can be calculated by regression formulas, script formulas, (Excel) spread sheets, external data bases or predefined building blocks (MTM).

The application FORMAS ensures that the program surface shows exactly what the user wants to see or should see. Moreover print outputs and interfaces to external systems can be defined with the help of FORMAS as well - without any further cost for programming or customizing.

No matter whether regression formula or script-formula: you can create a flexible plan time table for every kind of formula.

You define minimum, maximum and increment for the influence factors and with a mouse click PLAZET generates the desired plan time table on the display. Another mouse click and the table will be printed or exported. Instead of a fixed increment you can also use discrete values for calculation.