Clear structures
Calculating better
Within the calculation module of PLAZET the user defined process bricks are aggregated to higher structures. The basic standard texts are combined into work processes which subsequently can be arranged into work plans. Further hierarchical levels allow the creation of components and articles.

The structure of the object-oriented relational database is defined by yourself with the help of the program FORMAS. The graphical form designer enables you to create dialogs, tables, print-outs as well as export and import interfaces. You can adapt your system to operational needs at any time by inserting user-defined data fields on every level of your database. FORMAS enables you to integrate internal specifications into your program and design working papers according to your wishes.
You can document each work process by embedding graphics, photos or videos.

The plan time catalogues and formularies established by and by are automatically used for calculation, which is completed by the application of plan time tables and predetermined times (e.g. MTM). Effective sort and filter functions with indices provide a targeted and quick access to the work processes even in very large databases. Export interfaces provide the transmission of the calculated data to planning and control systems. Data import for new calculation e.g. is possible as well.

Smart clipboard
Use the DRIGUS smart clipboard to copy work processes one by one to the clipboard in order to create new calculations. With drag-and-drop this versatile tool helps you to build up new aggregations easily. The contents of the clipboard can be modified: you can copy, delete or insert data records as needed. A powerful tool for your calculation.

Effective algorithms
To easily administrate even very large data volumes special importance was attached to creating effective data access algorithms. Index-based sort and filter functions provide targeted and quick access on every data base level, The filter definitions are stored user specific. That means every user can create one or more favored sights of the data base. Furthermore individual screen masks or tables can be created with FORMAS.
Cross references
Cross references on every data bas level as well as functions for automatic or user controlled re-calculation support you in data-administration.