Intelligent data management
The flexible structure of the databases provides the compaction of time components to work plans in several hierarchical levels. You use work processes to build up work plans, which are aggregated to components and whole articles.

Avoiding redundancies
Frequently in work planning systems new plans are created by copying a similar work plan. The disadvantage of this redundant data storage is obvious: if the structure or a parameter is modified it must be readjusted in hundreds of work plans. You should avoid data redundancy by using references. Instead of copying a plan you refer to a standard plan - the result is the same, but the data administration will be facilitated to a great extend. The modification of a standard data record will affect all referenced data records by a mouse click.
PLAZET allows references on all levels of your work plan hierarchy.

Interfaces to ERP/PPC
The times calculated in PLAZET are fundamental for controlling and supporting of production and pre- and post calculation. Therefore it is of great importance to transfer this data to other systems (e.g. ERP-PPC) to advance company-wide data integration.
FORMAS provides for flexible data import or export according to your wishes and enables you to create online interfaces to external data bases.
The configuration of an interface is well documented and easy to perform by the user or IT supporter. And in case of questions or problems we will of course assist you.

Data transfer methods:
  • Clipboard with table structure
  • CSV files (ASCII/ANSI)
  • Online interfaces (ODBC)
  • Connection to external data sources (ADO)
  • RFC Connector (SAP)

Resources data base
Resources are equipment, machines, tools, appliances and mechanisms, which are directly or indirectly involved in executing a work task.
PLAZET administrates these resources in a data base whose entries can be adapted with the help of FORMAS. You can assign as many resources as you need to each working process.

Modification journal
Each data record can be released for further use. This release may be recorded in an unalterable journal together with all information necessary. As soon as the original data record is changed the state of release is reset automatically.