Cost control
The cost center data base contains all information necessary to calculate arising costs. Frequently cost centers are structured corresponding to the company departments in order to illustrate the costs which are generated there.

In particular the cost center data-base contains information about machine hour rates and labour costs. By linking a work plan or a work process to a cost center all cost information can be derived from the time data and you can directly obtain all information required, including fixed and variable costs as well as machine and production costs.

Moreover each cost center entry can be linked to a complete addition set with additions for allowance time, relaxation time and so on.

Data administration - made easy
If the additions of a cost center are changed, this modification is transferred to all calculation data linked to this cost center entry – however without any automatic re-calculation. Only you, as PLAZET-user, decide whether the new additions shall be considered or not. If so, all data records can be refreshed with a mouse click. If not, the old additions remain unchanged.

This concept stands for highest data security avoiding accidental modifications, in combination with maximum comfort in adapting a large number of data records.