Building blocks
Predetermined motion time system
The strength of PLAZET is flexibility. You don’t have to choose between time studies or MTM building blocks.
Just use both methods.

Depending on the application you can use individual plan times created by time study analysis (according to REFA) or you fall back on MTM building blocks.

Already with the first delivery the most common methods for predetermined motion time systems (according to MTM) are embedded in the DRIGUS system in form of data cards. The use of the integrated methods with the help of graphical data cards is a helpful supplement for your calculation. Additional to the already embedded methods you can create your own data cards with the help of the program FORMAS.

When using the graphical data cards for calculation you can easily select the building blocks and transfer them into your calculation or analysis by mouse click.

Data cards
  • MTM-1 (basic method)
  • MEK (MTM in special order and small batch production)
  • UAS (Universal Analysis system of Series production)
  • SD (Standard Data)
  • SVL (Standard processes logistics)