More possibilities

The current status versions of MEZA, PLAZET, MULTI and TAKTOS offer you a wide range of convenient functions. Look forward to new features, an even better overview and simply more possibilities.

Information about the latest versions 8.10 will be available here shortly.
Upright format for tablet pc
The new upright format time study mode with its permanently shown keyboard makes text entry very easy. Specially suited for time studies which only can be documented during runtime.

Multiple video time study
Watch several videos simultaneously and make a multi job study: the new multiple video time study mode enables you to handle even complicate time studies and offers best overview by showing all relevant data.

Better overview
The new cycle analysis within the time study evaluation in MEZA offers detailed information about your cyclical time study. Moreover most time data columns in MEZA can now be complemented by bar charts for a better lucidity.

Calculating variants
Generate variants of work processes, work plans, components and articles. Vary the factors of influence and the structure of work processes and work plans by simply switching single elements on and off. Clearly arranged, quick and easy.

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