Regression analysis
The module "regression analysis and test series analysis" - a part of the program PLAZET - is receivable as separate program REGRESSA. REGRESSA fulfills all demands, which can be made on a statistical program and can also be profitable applied for other tasks besides plan time generation.

Optimal formulas
Up to six graphics can be shown simultaneously. All important information, like formula and coefficient of determination, are displayed permanently. An intelligent optimization strategy makes sure that a very good result is achieved immediately. You can set side conditions, reduce influence quantities and calculate partial correlations.

The residual analysis delivers important information to the quality of your calculated formula. The test of normal distribution, test of outliers and contingency test are to your disposal as well as a graphical diagram of the range of confidence. As a matter of course you receive a well documented print output of your data at any time. A flexible spreadsheet generation provides an optimal presentation of the calculated results.

Inserting your data you will be supported by comfortable functions: values can be copied, moved, converted and transferred from other applications (e.g. Excel). The export interface makes REGRESSA an open system.