Optimal balanced
Line balancing for assembly line work
Line balancing is an organisational measure to improve the timing of an assembly line. Imprecise coordination of activities may cause ineffectiveness which leads to higher assembly cost.

TAKTOS enables you to register all data belonging to a line balancing (e.g. activities, interdependences and work place restrictions) and to use them for creating an optimal activity assignment. Moreover the access to already existing time blocks and/or time studies facilitates the line balancing.  

An intuitive user interface, comfortable handling and graphical control of assignments help you to optimize the line effectiveness and lead to the desired results in a very short time.


With a few mouse clicks you succeed in creating a line balancing containing as many work stations you like. These can be filled with activities manually one by one or directly with activities from a selected time study. Or you use a multi job study as a template to create a complete line balancing with one click.


In the tree view you can move the activities from one work station to another easily. The effects on cycle time and line effectiveness are shown at once – as index numbers and in a bar chart. Flexible options enables you to consider additions and to change between standard and actual times.


The results of a line balancing are stored in a central data base. Print outputs and screen masks can be designed with the help of the program FORMAS, so your results can be presented according to your requirements. Of course you also can export your balancing data to external systems (e.g. Excel).