Work shop (German language)
Script basics
PLAZET offers the possibility to create and apply script formulas to represent complex issues for further use in plan time generation and calculation. For many calculations the consideration of various conditions or the embedding of iterative processes is indispensable. At this point it makes sense to use the flexibility of script formulas which allow to combine standard texts, to use sub-programs, to evaluate conditions and to fall back on numerous mathematical standard functions.

In the course of this work shop the basics of script programming will be explained with the help of easy-to-understand examples. The participants get information about the structure of script formulas as well as about the data types which can be used. Subsequently the use of different elements as loops, if-then-requests or sub-programs shall be explained. At the end of the work shop each participant should be able to create simple script programs and to apply the standard functions as needed.  
  • Structure of script programs
  • Variables and data types
  • Functions, logical expressions and requests
  • Generation and use of sub routine
  • Use of program libraries

Target group
This seminar is especially suited for beginners who gained no or little programming experiences yet, but who want to get familiar with script programming to use the advantages for plan time generation and calculation.  

0,5 days  

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Script basics

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Work shop details
The fee includes documents, lunch and coffee breaks.
In the hotel mentioned above we have reserved blocks of rooms at special prices for work shop participants (Keyword „DRIGUS“).
Up to 10 days before start of the work shop a cancelation is exempt from charges. Thereafter the complete attendance fee is brought to account and we deliver the work shop documents by mail.