Stay flexible
Systematic balancing
In order to optimize your work flow you simply move the activities from one work station to another with drag-an-drop. The effect of the displacement can directly be seen in the bar chart as well as in the key data. You can insert or delete activities, work stations or entire groups or disable them as and when required.

Activity pool
The activity pool is an utility which helps you to optimize your line balancing in a perfect way. It contains all activities which are not assigned to a work station yet or which have been removed from the line temporary and shall be assigned later.

From the pool the activities are moved to the single work stations with drag-and-drop. In almost the same manner activities can be removed from a work station temporary by shifting them to the activity pool. The pool can be shown continuously and represents the progress of your line balancing.
At the beginning of your line balancing you can fill up the pool either with time study activities, import data (from external sources) or manual input.