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Results - quick and clearly arranged
Similar to all other DRIGUS applications TAKTOS also offers the possibility to adapt the program surface according to the operational requirements. FORMAS enables you to design screen masks and tables, print outputs and export and import interfaces. So all results of your line balancing appear exactly in the way you need it.

The bar chart continuously shows the status of your manual line balancing. So you see at a glance, which work station is used to capacity and which is not.

Besides this integrated graphic you can open a second independent bar chart as external view. This can be arranged according to your wishes using different options. You can e.g. define whether the bars shall be divided in main, ancillary and waiting times or whether additions shall be considered or not. Of course the time unit can be changed as well.

All key data of your line balancing as for example degree of efficiency, occupation time and balance offset are shown permanently and deliver the information necessary for a successful line balancing.

All you need
  • Graphical representation of the work station efficiency
  • Additional external bar chart with independent settings
  • Different options for time representation
  • Permanent view of line efficiency
  • Balance offset (absolut and percentage) per work station and total
  • Design of screen and print outputs with FORMAS
  • Export interface (e.g. to Excel)