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The recording of work processes with video technology has become part of everyday life in many companies. This videos can be used in MEZA as well. On one hand for the meaningful and reproducible documentation of time studies. On the other hand for time measuring.

With the help of video technology you even can apply activities, which normally cannot be registered during a time study. These include complex multi-job studies and time studies with short times or measure points which are hard to recognize. The possibility to register different persons or machines consecutively with the help of a video delivers exact and verified time studies even in this difficult situations.

Execution of time studies
During the video clip is running you select the correct activities, choose performance rates and set measure points exactly as you would do with a time study device. You can repeat single sequences as often as you like and discover details by using the slow motion and freeze image functions.
The targeted positioning within your video enables you to exactly select thoses sequences, which are of particular importance for you.

Documentation with videos
Each time study can furthermore be documented with as many videos as you like. You can watch the measure point list simultaneously to the video: the current measure point is marked.

Besides a detailed documentation the video sequences provide the opportunity to analyse the observed processes and to optimise them if possible.