Best results
All you need
Besides the conventional evaluation according to the REFA methods MEZA offers numerous further evaluations, for example time type analysis, activity analysis and time band representation of different work places. The results are displayed in clearly laid out print outputs with colored graphics and your company logo.

The additions for your times can be fixed in the basic settings. Nevertheless you can adapt the additions individually for each time study. Alternatively it is possible to store the different addition sets directly into the cost center data base. As soon as a cost center ID is assigned to your time study, the time study sheet is filled with the cost center data and moreover - the additions are used to calculate the results.

For perfect results
The possibility to split and link break points, activities and entire studies opens up the most diverse possibilities of evaluation to you. The graphical time band representation visualizes the different processes running simultaneously on multiple work places. All charts (screen and print outputs) can be adapted to your requirements with the help of numerous design settings.

The aggregation of activities within virtual work places enables you to easily evaluate parts of your time study. With the help of intelligent filter functions you combine even large amounts of data with a few mouse clicks. Each modification of original data is of course considered in the virtual work place at once. A versatile tool for calculations within your time study.

MEZA offers:
  • Virtual work places for evaluating parts of your time study separately
  • Multiple evaluation including as many time studies as you want (e.g. for allowance time analysis)
  • Graphical time band representation for multi job studies
  • Time study combination (move break points to one or more work places of another time study)
  • The possibility to split a time study into different studies
  • Graphical evaluations (pie and bar charts) for activities and time types