Clearly traceable
Detailed time study
To ensure the reproducibility and traceability of a time study a detailed and standardized documentation is essential. The main time study description is entered – as usual - into the time study sheet. Besides standard fields for work system description you find many additional fields which easily can be adapted to your requirements with the program FORMAS. Furthermore FORMAS helps you to design complete new time study sheets or print outputs.

Each time study can be documented by embedding photos, video clips, graphics and as much running text as you need (per study sheet, per activity or per break point).

  • Embedding of graphics, photos and video clips
  • Boiler plate data base: usable for any kind of text field
  • Modification log ensures safe reproducibility
  • Unalterable original data as source for your plan times
  • Design of new study sheets and print outputs with FORMAS
  • Expansion of data structure by creating new fields
  • Linking of external data sources (e.g. Excel sheets)

Standardization by means of master data
The use of standard catalogues enables you to prepare your time study quickly and carefully. Hand written notes are no longer necessary because the registration sheet with all its process segments is printed by MEZA. This function not only saves a lot of time, but moreover provides for a better documentation. Furthermore the standard catalogue forms the base for later plan time generation.

Documentation of multi job studies
Each work place in your time study can be fitted with its own time study sheet, which is filled with the evaluation data of the corresponding work place automatically. With the tabs at the bottom of the dialogue you easily can switch from one work place to another.
Linking of external data
Perhaps some important information is stored in external data sources? No problem: with the help of FORMAS you can easily link your time study to external files (e.g. the study sheet to Excel spread sheets) and realize an online transfer of external data to your time study.