For interfaces
With the help of MEZA and PLAZET you succeed in collecting and assuring time data and in combining it to plan times and work plans in a very short time. This data base is exceptionally useful to control your production and to support your pre- and post-calculation. For this reason it is of particular importance to pass this data down to other program systems quick and easy - and to improve the company wide integration of EDP systems in this way.

FORMAS ensures that your data is imported and exported flexible according to you wishes. It also allows to create online connections to external data bases. Creating interface definitions is well documented and easy to perform by the user or your IT support. And in case of questions we naturally will support you.

In the simplest case you define a text interface: any data from the DRIGUS systems can be written to a text file and subsequently be read from other applications (e.g. Excel). When defining the structure of the text file you can fall back on numerous options.

In the same way data which is stored in text files can be imported to MEZA or PLAZET.

Data import and export
Data import/export can either be carried out with the help of a text file (e.g. CSV) or using a data base interface (ODBC). After starting FORMAS you first have to define which data shall be imported or exported and in which way this data must be prepared. After checking the interface definition automatically by FORMAS the new import/export interface is directly at the users disposal in MEZA and PLAZET. As a matter of course adaption and modification is possible at any time without great effort.
Online interface to external systems
With the help of ADO online connection you succeed in integrating external data (e.g. from excel spreadsheets) into your DRIGUS system. So after inserting a key number in the DRIGUS system for example, all associated data from a spreadsheet or a data base is automatically transferred to the according data fields in MEZA and PLAZET.

Connection to PPC/ERP (e.g. SAP®)
While other manufactures will normally have you pay for customizing an interface, FORMAS enables you to configure all import and export interfaces on your own – and that is easier than you might think! No additional costs for programming or later adaptations will arise. And if you need help, our hotline service will of course support you.