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FORMAS not only enables you to create screen forms and print outputs, but also allows to append new data fields to existing user data. You can insert new fields at any time without changing source code or converting the data pool. This very important feature enables you to adapt MEZA and PLAZET to actual conditions whenever it is necessary.

In a simple case you e.g. need a new information field for your time study sheet. With a few mouse clicks in FORMAS you create a new user field, determine data type (e.g. type "text") and insert the new field into your existing screen forms and print outputs.

User fields can be of type number, text, continuous text, time, date, yes/no or media container (to store media files like photos, videos etc.). Depending on the data type you subsequently can define further options like: number of decimal places, restrictions in the range of values etc.

A specialty is the property formula field which can be checked for every data field you create. A formula field is automatically disabled for data input, because its content will be calculated with the help of the formula you define.

Within the formula you can fall back on any other data field. So the formula field is a powerful tool, to customize MEZA and PLAZET by inserting individual calculations at any point of the program. By the way, not only for numbers: the property "formula field" can be used for any other data type as well.