For print outputs
All DRIGUS software products provide a great number of standard print outputs, so all relevant data can be printed right from the beginning. But frequently additional print outputs, adapted to special operating conditions, are needed. With FORMAS you can create easily any kind of print output as a mask or a list or a combination of both.

We don't differ between print masks and print tables. Tables and masks can be integrated at any point of the print output. In this way you can create print outputs consisting of a large header followed by a table and a footer. A typical example is the print output of work plans, which contains the work plan data in the header and shows the work process data associated to the plan in a table below.

You see, you can fall back on different data areas (here: work plans and work processes) and combine the data fields in a single print output. As a special ease a function was implemented that automatically creates a print output from an existing screen mask.

As well as screen masks all print outputs can also be created with multilingual text. So if you want to provide a company location abroad with one of your print output forms, you don’t have to copy the form. The translated text is directly stored in the form and automatically shown as soon as the program language is changed in MEZA or PLAZET.