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Time studies with MULTIDATA
The MULTIDATA is equally suited for cyclical and noncyclical time studies as well as for allowance time studies. Nearly unlimited clocks are available for group and multi-job studies and you get permanent information about epsilon and n’.
Focus on the essentials
For the preparation of your studies the MULTIDATA makes it possible for you to have direct access to master data or already existing time studies. Of course you can prepare your time study in MEZA at your PC and print out corresponding study sheets. During your study you are able to add individual activity texts by handwriting directly on the touch screen. All corrections - whether during or after the time study - are automatically recorded and can be retrieved at any time. Bonus evaluation, allowance time evaluation, codes and time sort characteristics are displayed immediately on demand.

  • Cycle recording during time study
  • Intelligent interruption handling
  • Evaluation with additions
  • Time sort statistic
  • Allowance time time evaluation
  • Correction during and after study
  • Modification report
  • Plausibility check
  • Handwriting recognition