Gain insight
Activity sampling
The proceeding of the observations with the acquisition system is simple and safe. A sound signal sent from MULTIDATA reminds you to start the next tour. On the MULTIDATA display you always can check which observations are still undone and which are already completed. At any time of your study you can change the order of your observation systems or disable and enable any of them.
Ergonomic and safe
The inspection tour times are created by a random number generator and subsequently transmitted to the MULTIDATA. An optimal arrangement of keys and the simple operation logic of the recording system assures relaxed working. As the entire data can be evaluated at any point in time, the intermediate stages of your study are always well within your control.

The registered observation data can be retransmitted to your PC for evaluation at any point in time. The possibility to edit, document and evaluate your data with the help of the program MULTI offers numerous variants for a detailed analysis. For reproducible and meaningful findings.

Recording on-site Evaluation with MULTI