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Road show - what you can expect
We present the proceeding of time study execution using both the device MULTIDATA and tablet PC or notebook solutions. Subsequently we demonstrate the versatility of the modular DRIGUS software: from time studies over plan time generation up to work planning data bases.

No matter whether you are planning to implement a time study system or you just want to inform about the latest developments: besides a detailed insight into the DRIGUS system the event offers the opportunity to exchange experiences and to talk to specialists, users and developers.


Day's schedule
Time Topic
10:00 Uhr Welcome and introduction
DRIGUS system overview, importance of standard data base, preparation and execution of a simple time study
11:30 am Coffee break
11:45 am Modification, documentation and evaluation of time studies with MEZA
MEZA and FORMAS: design of study sheets, print outputs and interfaces, import and export of data
12:30 pm Lunch
13:00 pm Plan time generation with the help of regression analysis and automatic sampling
Calculation with formulas, MTM building blocks, script programs
Buildup of operations using plan times
14:30 pm Coffee break
14:45 am From operation to work plan – traceability from time study to ERP/PPC system
MULTI - activity sampling
TAKTOS - line balancing
16:00 am End of event


Deviations from the schedule shown above are possible at any time. In contents and sequence of the road show we of course comply with the interests of our guests.

Please note: All road shows are conducted in German language.
If you need a products presentation in English please contact us for a special agreement.


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