Executing an activity sampling
You can use both the acquisition system MULTIDATA or your tablet PC for executing an activity sampling. Already before starting the study and naturally at any time during execution you can make an exact estimate of the time frame of the activity sampling.

With MULTIDATA or tablet PC - simple and safe
When using the MULTIDATA the inspection tour times are created by a random number generator and subsequently transmitted to the acquisition device. An optimal arrangement of keys and the simple operation logic of the recording system assures relaxed working. The MULTIDATA indicates the begin of a tour by a signal tone. The observations can either be recorded using the keyboard or the touch panel. Changes in conditions on-site (e.g. lacking observation systems or new operations) are registered directly at your acquisition system.

Likewise simple and convenient is the use of a (tablet) PC for executing an activity sampling. The well-thought-out screen layout ensures a relaxed working and allows access to all information necessary. As the entire data can be evaluated at any point in time, the intermediate stages of your study are always well within your control.

A well-priced alternative for processing activity samplings with the help of the approved DRIGUS system.