Small and light-weight
...and your tablet PC turns into
a time study device
Tablet PCs are on the rise. So what could be more obvious than using this hardware variant for time study execution as well?

If the environmental conditions do not necessarily demand a professional acquisition system, your tablet PC can turn into an additional time study device with the help of MEZA.

Your advantage: MEZA for tablet pc is more than a simple time study application. The complete range of MEZA functions is available on-site and a data transfer is not necessary.

The intelligent offline mode ensures that all data necessary for time study execution is available on your tablet PC or notebook and that the study data is retransferred to your company network after the execution is finished.

The dialogue in MEZA is optimized for time study execution with a tablet pc and a touch screen.

Large and clearly arranged keys on the touch screen make time study execution simple and safe. The screen layout resembles the MULTIDATA layout, so changing between the acquisition system and a tablet PC requires no adjustment.

System requirements tablet pc
  • Suited for all kinds of time studies
  • Cycle recording
  • Continuous modification log
  • Multi job studies (up to 1000 work places)
  • Direct access to standard data
  • Short code for quick selection of standard texts
  • Break point and activity chronology
  • Permanent display of epsilon and n'
  • Evaluation during current time study
  • Recording of activity variants